Part 2: Making & Canceling a Self-Appointment by Patient (MCSAP)


For making or canceling a Self-Appointment, the Patient should enter the Doctor’s website and click on the correspondent link. When the Patient clicks on this link, he/she will see the following form:



If the Patient is a Regular one (Patient who attended the Office for the last 3 years), he/she should fill out the above form and click on the “Regular Patient” button. Then, the Patient might follow with making/canceling his/her appointment. If the Patient forgot the Password, he/she should click on the “No Password/Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions on the screen.


If the patient is new (patient who has never attended this office or did not attend it for the last 3 years), then he/she has to enter his/her individual phone (preferably home phone), Date of Birth and a newly created password by the new patient. The patient should click on the "New Patient" button.


Then a Personal Information form will appear which the patient should fill out:



After clicking on the button “Submit Your Information and Proceed to Appointments”, the Patient should proceed to making appointment by clicking on the appropriate date in the “Calendar” form (see below) and by choosing the appropriate time from “Select Time” drop down list. When the time is selected, the Patient should press “Make an Appointment” button. Date and Time of the selected appointment will appear in the “Your Current Appointment” list on the left bottom part of the page.


To cancel an appointment, the Patient should press “Cancel” button on the line corresponding to the Date and Time of the appointment. After that, the line will be removed from “Your Current Appointments” list.


The information about the appointments made and canceled by the Patient is momentarily saved in the Web Database and becomes accessible to the Doctor and his Staff in the Office computer.