Web based DEMO Self-Appointment Application for Medical Office(WSA)



Multi-Functional Websites presents Web based DEMO Self-Appointment  Application  for  medical office

WSA  is a communication tool between  Doctor and Patient  that allows to manage information about appointments.

Doctor is using WSA can:

1.       Control the daily appointments

2.       Make and cancel appointments for patients from a patient’s  list

3.       See all appointments of the any patient from the list

4.       Add new patient to the list


Patient is using WSA can:

1.       Register to the Database

2.       Select a suitable date and time for the next appointment from the list of available dates and times

3.       Make an appointment for selected date/time

4.       Write a note to the doctor

5.       Watch a list his/her future appointments

6.       Cancel any future appointment if it necessary


Because the main  goal of the DEMO is to give to the doctors an understanding of the application by practice,

each of the DEMO users will be have access to the “Common DEMO Database”, without any registration process.

As soon as a decision to conclude a contract with MFW will be made – doctor will be provided of the secure access to the Database that guarantee complete isolations  and security


Our Appointment System for Doctors differs from traditional Appointment Systems for Doctors because it works in coordination with our Unique Self-Appointment System for Patients.

For example, both  this Systems have a united data base  of appointments. Our Self-Appointment System for Patients allows  patients to make their appointments on the Web without addressing the Doctor or his staff. For this, the patients should click on the Self-Appointment link on the first page of the Doctors website and proceed with making an appointment on the Self-Appointment pages. Our united Appointment and Self-Appointment System was first installed in a Medical Office in 2003 and is still working in it.  Since 2003 until now this System was continually improving.

Our whole Appointment and Self-Appointment System was copy-written in 2005