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Thursday, April 18, 2019

1. To choose the date for making/canceling appointment(s), click on the desired date in the Calendar
2. To Make Appointment(s): (a) Check the desired time(s) in the empty row(s), (b) Select the patient in the Drop Down List,
(c) Click on the ”Make Appointment(s)” button. The patient’s data will appear in the row(s) with the checked time(s)
3. To Cancel Appointment(s): (a) Check the time(s) of the appointment(s) you want to cancel, (b) Click on the “Cancel Appointment(s)” button.
The row(s) with the checked time(s) will become clear.
4. To see all Appointments of a Patient: (a) Select the patient in the Drop Down List, (b) Click on the “All Appointments” button.
The List of patient’s appointments will appear in the bottom.
5. To add a New Patient (a) Click on the 'Add New Patient' button, (b) Fill out the form that appears to the right of this button.
(c) Click on the “Submit” button, (d) Follow the instruction in section 2.
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<April 2019>
Monday7:30 AM01:00 PM
Wednesday07:30 AM01:00 PM
Thursday01:00 PM06:30 PM
Friday01:00 PM06:30 PM
Saturday07:30 AM10:30 AM

 Current Appointment on:4/18/2019  
01:00 PM      
01:15 PM      
01:30 PM      
01:45 PM      
02:00 PM      
02:15 PM      
02:30 PM      
02:45 PM      
03:00 PM      
03:15 PM      
03:30 PM      
03:45 PM      
04:00 PM      
04:15 PM      
04:30 PM      
04:45 PM      
05:00 PM      
05:15 PM      
05:30 PM      
05:45 PM      
06:00 PM      
06:15 PM      
06:30 PM      

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